Political Science

Four Take-aways

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Stalinist Russia

Maoist China

Castro’s Cuba

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Hitler’s Germany

Richard Daley’s Chicago

Curley’s Boston

Young’s Detroit

Barry’s Washington DC

Renaissance Popes

Pedophilia in Catholic Church

Polygamy and Mormon founders.

Henry VIII and Anglicanism


Government is inherently evil because it involves coercion, but inherently necessary because men are not angels



The anarchy of renaissance Italy

Versus Pax Romana; Articles of Confederation versus Constitution


The anarchy of Rwanda, Congo, warring states period in China

Versus the relative peace under

Genghis Khan


The anarchy of Iraq, Syria, versus

Pax Americana



Government debt tends to rise because given the choice between spending more and gaining votes and taxing more and losing votes, politicians always choose the former.




The Ancient World:


Rome the poster child of bread, circuses and currency debasement.


The Modern World:





The United States:


The real debt of the United States is about $200 trillion not the reported $17 trillion.

The Fed obligingly funds the debt with currency debasement and negative real rates.




The separation of powers is a good idea.




Geographic separation:


Local, state, and federal



Functional separation:


Legislative, executive, judicial




Separation of church and state