Health Care

                                           Principle                      Fact                          Solution


Side A


Health care is a

basic right and should be treated as a public good like education or defense.



Most other developed countries treat it as such and many have better health outcomes at lower costs.


Adopt universal health care on a

Canadian, British, or French model.


Have a public option as in US public education.


Side B


The key to maximizing the quality and abundance of any good or service while minimizing its cost is the free market.


The history of the Soviet Union, China, Cuba,


Zimbabwe is testimony to the fact that government control leads to scarcity – to long lines and empty shelves in health care as in all other areas of the economy.


Minimize government involvement

In health care.


Let the free market do its magic here as in computer technology leading to abundance at low cost and high quality.



Side C




The real issue is not health care or health insurance but health – maximizing each individual’s potential for joy and productivity.


The free market versus government choice is a false dilemma.


Health outcomes are more a function of behavior than either health care or health insurance access.

Most health care and health insurance systems in the world are hybrids.

Problem is too much and wrong kind not too little.

Re-frame the health policy debate accordingly.

Universal catastrophic care plus health savings accounts.

The greatest health crisis is the 20 MM children living a Daily Katrina of   unsafe streets, second rate schools, and unstable homes.