Principle                        Fact                         Solution

Side A  

Education is the business of parents, churches, state and local government not the federal government.


92% of funding for primary and elementary education comes from non-federal sources.


Keep the federal government out of education.


Promote vouchers to improve quality and lower costs.


Side B  

Education is a fundamental right that must be guaranteed by the federal government.

Equal protection of the laws requires equal quality of schools across the nation.



Without federal intervention, Southern schools would still be segregated by law.


Huge disparities exist in the quality of schools nationwide.



Education should be nationalized to guarantee equal protection of the laws.


Increase federal spending on schools.


Abolish charter schools.


Side C




Identify best practices and model their application.


Address the links between family structure and neighborhood safety and school performance.


Focus on joys not skills or fun.



High standards and high expectations are the keys to a successful school.


Schools need the families and communities to reinforce the message.


Successful models exist in the US

And elsewhere.


Roll out the Harlem Children’s Zone model across the country.


Roll out the Education First Party’s 8 point program.


Learn from Iceland, Rafe Esquith. Amy Chua.