Constitutional Law

Time for a 4th Amendment Package?


Make more                   Reduce                      Establish                End taxation
“Democratic”               Corruption                Justice/Freedom   without Represent

Abolish Senate Single longer terms for Congressmen Equal schools amendment – equal programs, equal disciplinary standards Balanced budget amendment

Transparent Citizen’s Guide to Financial Report

Abolish Electoral


Single longer term for president Education as fundamental right amendment Rule based monetary policy: violation of article 1, Section 9
Tweak Senate Automated districting to eliminate gerrymandering Basic Income
amendment – end current welfare system 82 programs
Statehood for DC
Tweak Electoral College Require Congressmen to read bills – if don’t read who wrote? GBrubstake


Statehood for Puerto Rico
E voting Transparency – every clause in every bill author disclosed No zip code safety gap amendment National Teaching and Citizenship Acadenies
Automatic voter


Limits on donations End affirmative action End rule by executive decree
Mandatory Voting End disparate impact mandates End filibustering
Direct Referenda

(a la Switzerland)

End Price Controls

(min wage, rent control)

End executive pardons
End life tenure for judges Make judges electable Universal DNA testing End dual citizenship
End rule of 5 for judicial decisions Abolish elections of Judges Parent licenses and training programs End age restrictions


First three packages: Bill of Rights, Reconstruction Amendments, Progressive package (direct election of Senators, Income Tax, Women’s suffrage, Prohibition)

Much has changed in last 100 years, time to make the law of land consistent with these new realities