Ethics: what does it mean to do the right thing?

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Ethical Core of

All Great Religions

Piety, aka

Gratitude, aka


Charity, aka love,aka kindness,



Discipline, aka desire control

Political virtues Equality before the law, aka universality Reciprocity —no rights without duties, duties without rights Proportionality of punishments to crimes, rewards to merit
Economic virtues Diligence, hard work, first do no harm (eg. do not be a burden on others) Frugality – postponement of gratification

(marshmallow experiment)

Pursuit of Excellence, self-improvement

(eg. kaizen)


Virtues and Vices




Justice –

4 Cardinal Virtues

Seven Vices:

Pride, wrath,envy, sloth, lust, gluttony, greed

Right thought, right speech, right action, right mindfulness, right concentration, right livelihood
Ethics by profession, sphere of life,  and stage of life


Warrior versus Priestly ethics

Versus Business ethics

Physician versus

fiduciary codes of ethics; dharma,

artha, kama, moksha.


The student stage versus the householder versus the wandering holy man