Principle                           Fact                             Solution

Side A  


Economic Inequality is the issue or our time.


Not fair that some are very poor and some are very rich.



Top 1% of income make 20%. Top 1% of wealth own, 80%.


Tax the Rich more.


Raise the minimum wage.

Side B  



Government is the issue our time.


Socialism leads to poverty, scarcity, and tyranny.


The top 1% of income pay 40% of federal taxes.


The higher the minimum wage, the higher the unemployment of the neediest workers.


50% of Americans pay zero net taxes.


Slash regulations which are a tax on economic growth.


Abolish minimum wage which is apartheid for the unskilled.






Side C




Economic opportunity is the issue of our time.


Economic opportunity is a three front war.


20 million children are living a daily Katrina of unsafe streets, second rate schools, and unstable homes.


Politicians don’t care because the kids have neither money nor votes.



Universal basic income, a starter kit, and an end of life package –focusing on quality of life..