Gun Control

Principle                Fact                         Solutions

Side A Public Safety is the first job of government.

Greater the availability of guns,

the easier to kill.

The Second Amendment had to do with militias.

Thousands of deaths by guns per year.

More than half are suicides.

Many mass murders committed

by children

Ban all hand guns.

Police too.


Side B Self defense is the most basic of human rights.

An armed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.


States and countries with high crime rates have strict gun control.

Gun ownership deters criminal aggression.

Gun ownership levels field with criminals and that between men and women.

Universal gun

ownership and training.

Side C Gun control is a distraction from real issues:

Mental illness,

Family structure,

Poor schools, gangs, zip code safety gap.

The evidence is mixed. Focus on more important issues.


There are so many issues. Which matter most to you? Why?