The Three Greatest Obstacles to Achieving Equality of Opportunity in America

The worst news about civic life is that the other side may have  as strong a case as yours. Even on the issue dearest to your heart. This can lead to analysis paralysis. Here is my short list of the essence of the argument against my vision of equality of opportunity for America through education.
1.) Local control of schools
2.) Parental liberty
3.) Cultural/religious Liberty
How can anyone be against the adoption of best pedagogical practices in every
school, home, and community in America? Distrust of centralized authority, concern for parental privacy rights, fear of loss of cultural/religious autonomy. Unfortunately, the history of the United States and the world provides ample grounds for these concerns.
But I choose equality of opportunity.This is not easy. Perhaps this choice is not even rational. It is what my heart and soul say is right at this point in history in this place.
What do you think?