Thematic Before and After Test

No before test, no baseline. No baseline, no accountability – for the teacher or the student.

The blank matrix is the perfect before and after test. For any field can you list the three most important concepts and explain how they apply to three different situations? or can you make a strong case for both sides in the next election marshalling principles facts and solutions for each of the issues that might be so important it should influence your decision? or can you explain how an air conditioner, a toilet, or a car work breaking down each of its subsystems into its components, explaining how these components work together, and the basic scientific principles behind these processes? 


Topic x (Science, Humanities, Arts)

                                        Example A                Example B                  Example C

Concept #1                    ?            ?            ?
Concept #2                    ?            ?            ?
Concept #3                    ?            ?            ?


 Issue x (civics)

                                      Principles                Facts                         Solutions

Side A
Side B
Side C


Engineering System (eg. car, air conditioner, toilet)

                                      Parts                       Processes                 Principles

Sub system 1
Sub system 2
Sub system 3