Squat or Push-Up?

1.) If you have time to do only one exercise, what would it be?
a.) squats
b.) push-ups
c.) jumping jacks
d.) other
2.) What is the most efficient, balanced package of exercises ever developed in human
a.) Canadian AIr Force Exercise Book
b.) Other?
In the 1950s the Canadian Air Force developed an awesome physical training program that only takes 12 minutes per day (women)  11 minutes per day (men). And involves zero equipment. Helen Mirren swears by it. A used copy of the original fitness manual costs $31 on Amazon (not the usual $.33). Price differential may reflect value differential. But you can get it for free online!
Does all the expensive equipment we use today really add any value?
Another instance of the best things in life being free?
So why isn’t the program more popular?
No money in it.
The 5BX plan for dudes takes 11 minutes.
toe touching/warm-up:  2 minutes
partial sit-ups: 1 minute
leg lifts: 1 minute
push-ups: 1 minute
stationary running: 6 minutes.
Here’s the XBX plan for the ladies:
toe touching/warm-up: 30 seconds
knee raising: 30 seconds
arm circling: 30 seconds
partial sit-ups: 30 seconds
chest and leg raising: 2 minutes
side leg raising: 1 minute
push-ups (from a kneeling position): 2 minutes
leg lifting: 1 minute
run and hop: 3 minutes
YOUR TURN: What do you think is the best exercise?