Squash: Video, Exaggerate, Dance!

1.) Video: you might not be doing what you think you are doing.

The most shocking moment of my squash life was watching myself playing on video tape for the first time. I had been playing for decades. Who is that guy? He’s not bending his knees.
He looks so awkward. Oh, no, that’s not me is it? And sure enough.I thought I was bending my knees but I wasn’t. What to do?

2.) Exaggerate – just a little! Every shot say a little more. Bend those needs a little more. Hold the racket a little higher. Put in a little more torque! Make the swing a little looser!

3.) Dance! Make sure you split step after every single shot! If you do you will feel like you are dancing. You feel the rhythm throughout your body until the music stops. Every drill is a chance to feel the rhythm and the dance.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever recorded yourself playing a sport? Did it help you?