Do judges and juries matter any more?

Do Juries and Judges Matter anymore? How should the judicial system be changed?
1.) Today 95% of cases are resolved by plea bargaining (aka horse trading) between  prosecutors and defense attorneys. Jury trials are relatively rare.
2.) Should our judicial system be structured so that the odds of the guilty going free versus the innocent being unfairly punished be 2 to 1, 5 to 1,  10 to 1 (Bible, Blackstone),
100 to 1 (Maimonides), 1000 to 1?
3.) Is the civil law system better than the common law system? Is a system in which two lawyers twist the truth as best they can the best system for arriving at the real truth
and the fairest resolution?
4.) Should we abolish life tenure for judges? Cash bail?
Please share your thoughts.