Getting from Point A to Point B on a squash court can be Counter-intuitive

1. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right?
2. Speed is the essence of sports and war, right?
3. Therefore if the ball is at point B and you are at point A, take a straight line route, right?
4. Not always. The straight line route to an opponent’s drop shot ¬†from the T can mean being in a very awkward position.
5. The best standard approach should be to go straight first and then make a lateral lunge
so that you are in optimal position to hit a powerful deep rail or the shot of your choice.
6. My squash coach sometimes put a chair on the court in front of the T on one side of
the drop shot that must be countered – forcing the player to go around the chair rather
than straight to it.

YOUR TURN: Can you think of analogies to other sports? To life? Is the indirect approach sometimes best? Examples?