Best Fitness Tip Ever: the proper angle of the head

1) The greatest obstacle to achieving proper posture is that for most humans it does not feel right or natural. When a typical human is told to stand tall, the response usually involves raising rather than lowering the chin. But it is the slight lowering of the chin that maximizes your height.
The chin feels slightly “in” rather than “out.”

2) When the chin is ever so slightly in, the sternum rises and the core muscles are engaged.The constant engagement of the core muscles strengthens them.The proper angle of the head doesn’t only make you look stronger, it makes you stronger. The proper angle of the head not only makes you look taller, it makes you taller.

3) But it is a very slight adjustment. Finding the perfect angle is an art and a science and usually takes quite some time to find it, cultivate it, and maintain it without stiffness. But the results are stunning and clearly visible whenever an Olympic athlete, ballerina, or soldier walks in a room. The angle of their heads is always perfect and always the same. Their careers demand it.